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Friday, September 16, 2011

Essay on Marriage - Recent Studies about Marriage and its Impact

Looking for Essay on Marriage and Divorce

A number of studies have been made on the impact of marriage.  Among these studies are:

1. Marriage may help for individuals who are depressed.  Are you depressed?  Maybe marriage can help.  In a study by Frech and Williams entitled Depression and the Psychological Benefits of Entering Marriage, those who were depressed prior to marrying report larger psychological gains from marriage than those who were not depressed.

2. Marriage can help single mothers.  In a 2008 study by Nicholson et al entitled, “For Better or For Worse? The Consequences of Marriage and Cohabitation for Single Mothers” they found that marriage is associated with declines in psychological distress for single mothers and childless women, but only when that marriage endures.

3. Marriage contributes to the well-being of spouses.  In the 2003 study by Stutzer and Frey entitled Does Marriage Make People Happy, or Do Happy People Get Married, the found that marriage contributes to well-being of spouses because marriage provides additional sources of self-esteem and that married couples have a better chance of benefiting from a lasting and supportive intimate relationship, and suffer less from loneliness.

4.  Marriage is beneficial for adolescent well-being.  In a 2009 study conducted by Bachman et al entitled Is Maternal Marriage Beneficial for Low-Income Adolescents?, they found that there is growing evidence that marriage appears beneficial for adolescent well-being when marriages are stable. However, many marriages are not stable, particularly among low-income families.

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